Bathroom Renovation

Like all renovation projects, new challenges always present themselves and here at Regency Kitchens and Bathrooms we pride ourselves on being able to tackle interesting projects with efficiency and expertise.

This first challenge was to get the shower waste well below the floor line to give a really low-level look and feel when you stepped into the area.

We fitted a new off-the-floor toilet system and built an extension to the wall with a recess for the area. Inside of this new wall extension we built a structure and plumbing system to hold the toilet off the floor and the cistern inside that wall.

We put new lighting in and around the recesses.

Below you can see examples of this wall extension built for sink and mirror with recess lighting. The two basins are plumbed and fitted off the wall in their own structure.

The finished result is the entire pipework is hidden within the wall we built so that it is not visible under the counter or surround.